The glorious short-handing of cell phone texting came along & completely re-invented the meaning of my initials. I had not previously given them much value. I now like them very much indeed, not only as representing my family name, but also as my waking thought for each day.


September 1st, 2017 Posted in Poetry


Have you heard of skwigmaroo?

They come from Cheshire, mainly from Crewe,

Dress only in red, or three shades of blue,

Secure their beaks with a silver screw,

Fix their wigs with peppermint glue,

Put all six feet feet into one one big shoe,

Paddle The Cloud in a pink canoe,

Laugh like drum, sing like a zoo,

Say nothing at all when a poem won’t do.

There’s none such fun as skwigmaroo.

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