Important Cause: Your Help Requested!!


Our lovely daughter who, along with her lovely boyfriend, has presented us with a lovely granddaughter, has a mission which is very dear to her heart. She has set up a petition and needs as many signatures as possible to achieve her aim.


I’m best letting her explain it to you:


“Help us change how parents are informed and advised about feeding their newborn babies. Parents want unbiased, uncensored advice from their health professionals to help them make the educated decisions about how to feed their babies to help babies and parents thrive.

Why is this important?


Currently many women feel they are not getting access to accurate, unbiased, uncensored information and health advice from health professionals about how to feed their babies. Breast may indeed be best most of the time. But we want parents to be given access to real information – not just “breast is best” biased advice. Many women desperately want breastfeeding to work but we also want our health professionals to be allowed to tell us when they think alternatives may be worth trying for the all-round health of mother and child. We want advice on the pros and cons of all feeding options. We want unbiased health information so we can make the most educated decision about feeding our children.”


It is clearly an important cause and we will much appreciate all the help you can give it. Thank you in anticipation of your support. Here is the link to the petition:


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