A Sunshiny Day

Lovely gig at Rode Hall Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Me and Phil Stoking up the English trad in the sunshine. Peter Graystone played some tin whistle with us and Lynda sat in playing along with some Morris bells. It’s a great way to earn some bread – metaphorically and literally – and some olives stuffed with jalapeno peppers and some creamy Cheshire cheese and some locally brewed ale . . .


Me and Lynda shot straight from there to the Barewall Gallery in Burslem where a celebration of the work of Arthur Berry is taking place. This was the opening day and a bunch of people led by Ray Johnson read extracts from Arthur’s autobiography, A Three and Sevenpence Halfpenny Man, and from Arthur’s Dandelions poetry collection, surrounded by Arthur’s inimitable depictions of local characters. The venue was full to the brim with standing room only by the time we got there. The readings were rounded off with a recorded version of Arthur’s and my collaboration, Sailors Song performed by StringFing and Friends. Cynthia Berry had some exciting news for me: she has found another unfinished lyric poem of her late husband’s which may very well make for another song. Watch this very space.


I will having a word with the wonderful Twizzlebird today about making Sailors Song available as a download from this site.


It’s the Full English acoustic session at the Packhorse, Longport tomorrow night and we’ll be enjoying the inclusion of a string bass for the first time. Looking forward to that.


Rob Burns has booked me, our Jack and Adam Fenn into his project’s recording studio to record my Lyin’ Politician Blues for his Lyin’ Politician Blues Festival which is being staged very soon this year.


Gotta get up n go n get on so,


Tra-ra fer now




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