A Neglected Tune

‘Oh dear mother what a fool I’ve been / Six young men came a-courting me / Five were blind and the other couldn’t see / Oh dear mother what a fool I’ve been!’ Yeah, Lads A’Bunchum, lovely old tune. I’ve known it for ages and this morning when those lines came into my head apparently uninvited I realised I’ve never actually played it on anything. So now I have – on the mandolin, the fiddle, the tin whistle and the guitar.


I haven’t explored it thoroughly yet, that takes a while, but guess what’ll be among the first tunes I set up at the Full English tonight?!


Lads A’Bunchum, a great old tune and I’ve not been playing it. Oh dear mother, what a fool I’ve been.



  1. Dave Rogers, October 9, 2012:

    The very tune that so tormented Jim Davidson when Hammersmith Morris (aka The Smiffs) performed it on The Generation Game many years ago.

    He couldn’t get it out of his head for weeks afterwards (serves him right, I say).

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