Folking About On A Sunday

Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk with the Full English leaving the Packhorse in Longport n motoring off to Shrewsbury to have a virtual Full English session in the legendary Ms Tudor’s Legendary Middle Studio on Radio Shropshire last night, was a top evening out.


It was good to see Genevieve again and Allan and to meet Connie who looked after us with cups of tea n stuff – yeah, like I said, it was virtual, no beer.


We hung some bunting over the PCs and sound room studio window frame, (half) tuned(!) our instruments and got down to some industrious scraping and banging.


We, the Full English, on this occasion were:


w.Terry Fox – fiddle n guitar

Phil Johnson – mandolin n banjo

David Barker – fiddle

David Wrench – melodeon n concertina

Billy Pickin – guitar n bones n tambourine

Wes Carr – string bass

Lorna Davies – frame drum

Wally Davies – frame drum

Helen Carr – laughter n photography


The resulting music was pretty random, it must be said: our agreed arrangements seemed to belong to another world, we weren’t all even playing the same tune at times. I likened the experience to being swept along by an, if not exactly angry tide of noise then certainly one that was extremely anxious to reach the shore – but it was all good-natured n joyful really. And long may the Full English be so.


Then it was back for a swift half n a laugh at the Royal Oak.


I’ve just remembered Genevieve requested that we use no words that begin with F. So: don’t orget you’re welcome at the Ull English any Monday, air weather or oul.


Yours aithfully.

w.Terry Ox

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