Nice One Jayne, Ya Done It Again!


Last year we had a couple of gigs with the Alf Alfa Ceili Band when we were joined by jazz clarinet legend Eric Newton. To accommodate Eric’s Bb instrument, I whacked a set of heavy gauge strings on a ‘spare’ fiddle and tuned it down a tone. This way me and Ekka could play from the same chord sheets and a great time was had by all.


Doing those gigs reminded me of what a lovely fiddle my  ‘spare’ is and I decided to get it back into concert pitch and use it as my main axe. But, it lay around till last week when I took it over to Congleton to Jayne Walker Strings for refurbishment.


I got it back today ad Jayne has made an absolutely superb job of it. She has terrific empathy with things stringed and her fees are more than competitive. I’ve sung Jayne’s praises before and no doubt will continue to do so. I could not recommend her more highly to fiddlers in need.


Jayne also did some work on another instrument for me, an instrument which I have named ‘Mochyn Oren.’ It’s a Christmas present from Lynda so more about it after Christmas. Besides, mates, I’ve got a fiddle that needs playing . . .


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