StringFing & My Holy Inadequate Guitaring

StringFing at the Holy Inadequate yesterday, it was great to see our regular friends and a few new people. I was struggling with my guitar and should have taken a back-up. My fault cos I’m experimenting with the stringing and couldn’t get the little monster to stay in tune. Also, cos I’ve slack-strung it I’d disorientated myself on the fingerboard. The upshot was that I did not play as well as the people deserved and Adam deserved better from me too. Soz folks. I shall strive to make up for it next time.


Pete Latham was a gem though. Really really worthy of being our special guest and more than made up for my sad fumblings. He finger-picked his way through a great selection of blues and American contemporary folk song. Top stuff and his voice was better than ever. Great tone, great delivery.




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