Those Lyin’ Politicians

Rob Burns is setting up a Lyin’ Politician Blues Festival to be launched soon. It’s going to be live performance / internet based and centred on Stoke on Trent. I’ll post more details when I get them.


My song of the same name is to be the musical emblem of the festival and writers and musicians are to be invited to write their own verse to be added to the existing song.


The Lyin’ Politican Blues Festival is for all those disaffected people who are sick and tired of being sold short and lied to by politicians who are working in the interests of their coterie of big-business corporate buddies while pretending to be working in the interests of the majority. It’s to do with railing against the unholy alliance between them and the media and our law-enforcement agencies. They are all a bunch of bankers, ain’t they just?!


In persuance of his vision, Rob booked some time with the Hanley-based Flank Recording Studio to record the Lyin’ Politican Blues. To my guitar and vocals and Adam’s mandolin, we added our Jack’s bass guitar and threw in a touch of percussion. To record as StringFing and Friends.


Flank Recording Studio is run by a lovely guy called Magic. He well deserves that name too. He has a triffick aural vision and knows his machines well. I’d recommend Magic and Flank to anybody.


StringFing is at the Holy Inadequate, Etruria tonight. I’m looking forward to that. We’ve got blooz boy Pete Latham as our special guest. Pete has offered to do a poem or two in our Poets’ Corner slot as well as playing his half-hour guest music slot. Not to be missed!



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