Not Quite So Full English . . .

But, nevertheless, last night was another great night at the Packhorse, with some new singers and a new guitarist coming along to join the fray, making up for some of the regulars who are on hols. We had some triffick songs from Sean, Liz and Trev but, it has to be said that the theatrical highly in-your-face offerings from Dave W. were somewhat of an entertainment highlight – once one recovered from the initial shock/surprise that is! Eddie cut some cool patterns on mandolin and guitar. Peter G played his usual clean and on the ball tin whistle and casting his customary (and totally justified) aspersions on my lack of discipline tempo wise

Me and Phil played some banjo n guitar tunes right down there in C major, a great grumpy old sound reminiscent of those old single row players down in Sussex. We’ll be doing some more of that down at the Farmers Market this Saturday morning at Rode Hall.

Ducan sung us a couple of his fine self-penned songs of the Potteries. Great to hear the city of Stoke on Trent with all its rich and unique cultural heritage getting due recognition in song.

I’m loving the Full English. If you’re into the English tradition or merely curious about it, come on down to the Packhorse, Longport, on a Monday night. I have to caution you about the music, though: it’s highly infectious. You have been warned.


  1. John Langton, December 18, 2012:

    Another good night @ the Pack.

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