Today I replaced our old kitchen taps with a new pair. The shaft in the old cold tap had sheared off and the things are sold in pairs, hence the double replacement. The new taps cost £24.00


It required a screw driver to turn valve to each tap and a spanner to undo and redo the tap connections. It took an hour to complete the job which included emptying the sink cupboard to gain access to the pipe work and restocking it afterwards and sticking the kettle on for a cup of tea when the water was back on.


A total non-event you might say with some justification. Yes, except for this: Before I decided to have a go at changing the taps myself, Lynda and I tried to hire a plumber to do it for us. We were quoted the following prices.


Plumber A = £60.00 per half hour plus VAT

Plumber B = £95.00 plus materials plus VAT PER TAP


Forget uni, forget law school, forget medical school, get yourself signed on to the nearest plumbing course.


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