Yay, back bloggin!! Happy New Year to you all.


‘sbin so long since my last post that too much has happened to catch up on. No doubt bits n pieces will come out as I go along, but, hey, new year, new start.


There’s been a load of interest in some Heymaker analogue tapes that have surfaced and Lynda and I are attempting to get these digitised, remastered and offered up for sale. Trouble is, we have been beset by a long round of delays by the studio we are using. Same with the new tracks that Lynda, Jack n I have been recording. So, all that to come.


I the meantime, Jack and I have recorded a version of Justice For the Lads on Jack’s home studio. I’m doing the vocals and the fiddle and Jack is doing everything else – remarkable dood that he is. I’ll attempt to load this up as Free Stuff. My ancient desktop is telling me that I have no sound card and it[‘s a bloody liar cos I have, so might have a prob with the upload. Later this afternoon I’m hauling the rusty ol’ tower up to Compusat so the boys there can work their magic on it with their spanners n oil can, or whatever it is they use.


So, if not now, then later.


Justice For the Lads was a much requested song in 1984 when we were doing gigs for the Miner’s Wives Hardship Fund.


So much has passed so quickly, hasn’t it? There’s hardly any sign of the existence of the old pits anymore, up here in Stoke or down in the Welsh valleys. The witch had her way, innit?




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