Cheshire Poet Laureate 2008 / 09

My aim is to keep a running notebook on my tenure as Cheshire Poet Laureate.

The trouble with diaries, logs, journals and blogs, as I am just finding out, is that they take time to write. The more you write, the less you have to write about. This blog was organised for me by my long-time mate Karl who is a pro software engineer of the highest order and should not have been bothered with such a lowly task. But he did it in 2 mins flat whilst eating his tea so I don’t feel too bad about it. I am three months into my laureateship and I will back date my notes, sometime, to cover the beginnings.

Today I have been recording 11 poems for my ‘pAUSE fOR a pOEM‘ project. I have been doing this with Adam who I make music with from time to time.
Naturally, there will be music with one or two of the poems. My ‘pAUSE‘ project is intended to be a poetry installation in a museum or art gallery and to be inclusive of the hard of seeing and of blind people. I have experienced some mild official resistance to this so I will have to go it alone. You can be hard of seeing in more ways than one, can’t you?

Had a phone call this evening about ‘Footprints’ – an environmental project in Alsager involving the public library, mosaic art and young people’s poetry. I’m up for it. Sounds great. I’ll tell more when I know more.

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