Great New Poem!!

Remember in my post about Phil Williams’ new Poems n Pints night at the Lodge, Alsager, I told you about a triffick poem a guy called Mike recited? Well, with the help of John Lindley, I’ve tracked the dood down. His name is Mike Fuller.


Mike is a lovely guy with an enviable memory for verse – he can recite metres of it without a single glance at the written word (there’s a nice pun in there, ain’t there?) – and he has very kindly given me permission to post his poem here. So folks, for your delectation, here tis:




The hills are in their colours today

Crocker Hill brown and Shutlingslow grey

But I do not really need to say

That Cloud End wears black


It broods magnificent in the Cheshire skies

Like a real mountain but half the size

When it comes to character it wins the prize

And Cloud End wears black


As black, as black, as black can be

The dark hero of this poetry

You only have to look and see

Cloud End wears black


Congleton nestles in respect below

The rugged lion crouched on show

A more magnificent sight I do not know

As Cloud End wears black


The bear town poets may be glad to find

Such dark character inspires their mind

And may even add if so inclined

Cloud End wears black.


– Mike Fuller

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