making a nOIse in libraries

Hello bods. A peasant poet would be a cool thing to be. I don’t find urban life attractive at all. Mind you, me and Lynda are lucky as we are on the semi-rural edge of the county. But, having said that, those red roofs are slowly creeping up the hill.

Lynda took the photo that now graces my blog. It’s my promo photo for ‘making a nOIse in libraries’ fortnight. I shall be performing my celebratory poem ‘Words’ at Congleton (Thurs 10th July 6-8pm), Alsager (Frid 11th July 6-7pm), Macclesfield (Mon 14th July 6-7pm), Bollington (Tues 15th 6-7pm) and Sandbach (Wed 16th 6-7pm) libraries on their late nights. Lynda sculpted the face I’m holding out. She did a portrait head of me when we were in Mow Cop and put in the garden and the face fell off. ‘Words’, by the way, takes 5 1/2 – 6 mins to perform so I shall be doing it twice on the one-hour nights and three times on the two-hour nights using a small PA and without a formal audience. Come along and give it a listen while you’re choosing your books.

Me and Adam are at the Coachmakers tonight. We’re doing an entire evening of our own stuff ie. no trad material – just to break the mould. Good ale there. Can you believe it is going to be knocked down? I can. The Stoke on Trent council, in my view, is more than irresponsible. some of these transactions need looking into. It’s commerce before people every time. Preferred ways of living are sacrificed to the gods of the bank vaults owned, usually, by people who live nowhere near their bloody developments.

Be fortunate. Be wary. Ta-ra

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