New Poems n Pints

Went to Phil Williams’ first night of a new Poems n Pints at the Lodge, Alsager on Thursday. It was held in the dreary upstairs room (how about doing summat about that, Phil?) but was a bright enough occasion to be worth me the crossing the border for.


Unwittingly, I volunteered to go first – I was actually waving ‘hello’ to Peter Branson at the very moment Phil asked, ‘Who would like to start us off?’ Several people warned me later to keep away from auctions.


It was on of those evenings where the offerings are made turn-and-turn-about with host Phil supplying a bit of chat in between for continuity. John Lindley was there with Jane. I was really pleased to see them as they are mates and I love what they do.


There was so much good stuff it would be unfair unfair to pick out one poem of the night but, hey, life ain’t fair is it? It was a poem written and performed by Mike (surname???) of the Congleton coterie of poets and it was about The Cloud. Excellent. I’ll see if he’ll let me post it here, if I can work out how to get in touch with him.


There was music on too. More of that in my music post.


As far as the Pints part of the night is concerned, the Lodge has got that sorted with some wonderful real ales. The big bonus of the night for me was that Lynda very kindly offered to pick me up afterwards. The ale was so good, her offer was almost required to be literal.


The next of Phil’s dos is on Thursday October 18th at 8pm. I’m hoping to go along with my guitar next time.


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