POETS’ CORNER 8th August 2012

StringFing night at the Holy Inadequate, Etruria, Stoke on Trent. The music starts at 9pm and at around 9:40pm we have our Poets’ Corner. I’ll be doing a verse or two. Our special music guest, Pete Latham, will be doing a couple and hopefully Sarah The Landlady will contribute too.


Why don’t you bring a poem along and join in? It can be one you’ve written or one written by someone else that you would like to read out. If you don’t fancy spouting verse in public, I’d be happy to read your choice out for you. Poems in a pub without all that psuedo hushed reverence usually associated with poetry nights cannot be whacked, whack.


We’ve had everything from Shakespeare to Nursery Rhymes. Shakespeare would have loved a night out at the Holy Inadequate quaffing pints of real ale and chatting up the audience with his sonnets and so would Nursey with her saucy Goosey Goosey Gander.


See you later, eh?



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