I’m just off to record Sunshade Smiling Friday with our Jack. This lyric poem was our first Heymaker collaboration. I wrote it in 1981 and Jack set it to music in 1984, but we have never made a studio recording of it.


The poem was written as an angsty reaction to overhearing some people complaining that their luxury hotel in some hot foreign land had been sited far too close for their comfort to the local shanty town. I’ll post the recording when we’ve done it.


Here’s the lyric:




It’s Sunshade Smiling Friday

between the tarmac and the star

as arc lamps catch the night fall

before it falls too far.

Dressed to kill each other

by number name and line

queuing for surprises

you’ve had a thousand times.


You know while seeking pleasure

on some retrospective beach

shells of men seek oblivion

from a life beyond their reach.

No burning rush of passion

will bring you to your feet

as the pallid pauper prays

each day will bring relief.


The beggar’s child that bothers you

with his pleading and disease

is just another plane away

from your wasted life of ease.

But, you’ll never really worry

or think about it much

whilst artificiality

is so soft to the touch.


Screams of tortured people

swirling in the jets

are soothed away with perfume

and king-size cigarettes.

You are everything you pay for

and never what you are

on Sunshade Smiling Friday

between the tarmac and the star.





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